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Ginger Candy

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About this coffee...

Grower: Edwin Noreña | Finca Campo HermosoAltitude 1600 masl

Variety: Yellow Bourbon & Yellow Caturra

Soil: Volcanic loam

Region: Circasia Municipality, Quindío Department, Colombia

Process: Custom cherry fermentation, depulped and dried in the sun

Harvest: October- November | April- May

We're excited to bring you "Ginger Candy," a single origin offering that encapsulates our dedication to sourcing the more extraordinary flavors. Our latest offering hails from Quindío, Colombia, a region bursting with coffee innovation, yet often overlooked. We've discovered this gem through the meticulous work of Finca Campo Hermoso, where Edwin Noreña's expertise in agroindustrial engineering and biotechnology shines. Edwin's unique two-step fermentation process, which includes carbonic maceration, infuses the beans with a distinctive tanginess and the sweet-spicy notes of ginger candy. While we played no part in its production, our role in bringing "Ginger Candy" to you is a testament to our commitment to roasting and sharing the world's most memorable coffee experiences. This coffee isn't just about taste; it's about connecting you to the lesser-known coffee cultures of the world, making each sip a discovery and memorable colorful experience.

  • Hue/tast: green + yellow
  • Roasting degre: Light - 1
  • Chroma/quality: 87
  • Process: Carbonic Maceration
  • Tasting notes: Honey + ginger + citrus

Customer Reviews

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Karly Christenson

Dang good coffee

Another winner

Much more balanced and subtle, but still delivering the notes on the bag. Unlike MOST other roasters. Goto filter roaster. I'd love to try a true espresso roast from you guys.

Brenton Henry
Bright & Expressive

The tasting notes on the bag come straight through in the cup. Thai basil, ginger, and honey play first string while citrus and floral notes step up in the chorus. This coffee offers a more universal comfort with clear, recognizable notes - as well as additional complexity for those who peer a bit further.