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  • beautiful coffee bag: rare and high quality coffee
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Decaf - ripe berries come to those who wait

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About this coffee...


Grower+farm: Wilton Benitez, Granja Paraiso 92

Variety: Colombia

Region: Cauca, Colombia

Process: Anaerobic fermentation

Harvest: October- November 

We chose this as our first release because it has a taste profile that is experiential while also being easy to drink everyday. It's hard to come by a coffee that is both, especially anaerobic fermented ones. The fact that this is also decaf?! That adds whole other layers of expertise to achieve such a balanced and interesting cup.

We taste a combination of ripe plums up front, very ripe berries (strawberries and blackberries) mid-palate, and orange peel in the finish. This is a sweet and balanced coffee that is well-structured, has a creamy body, and finishes very cleanly. This coffee outperforms most caffeinated coffees we taste; for a decaf, this truly a unique experience. 

  • Hue/taste: 4/5
  • Roasting degre: light
  • Chroma/quality: 87.5
  • Process: Decaf anaerobic fermentation with sugar cane juices
  • Tasting notes: strawberry, blackberries, orange peel

  • Granja Paraiso 92