Our best aeropress recipe

This week, for the first time, Vancouver is hosting the World Aeropress Championship and we thought it would be timely to share what has been our go-to aeropress recipe for nearly a decade.

This recipe is in the style of a lot of competition recipes you find used in the World Aeropress Competition: updosed, cool temp, fast brew times.

I actually used this recipe to compete in the Western Regional Aeropress Competition held in Vancouver back in 2017, and while I didn’t make it past the first round (knocked out by Eldric, dear friend and maker of the Aesir filters for aeropress) I still stand by this recipe to this day. Coincidently if you take a look at the recipe from the winner of last years World Aeropress Championship, here, Tuomas Merikanto of Finland, you’ll notice the two are actually shockingly similar.

When Luna was first beginning I did a couple pop-ups at Eldric’s legendary former cafe Aubade, and used this recipe to prepare our coffees on aeropress exclusively.

Good for a range of extractions, we’re usually looking for a low extraction/high strength of around 17% at 1.67 tds but can also make tasty cups at higher extractions too.


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  1. Step 
    Set brewer in standard position on a server. Don't rinse or preheat the brewer (it doesn't make any difference).
  2. Step
    Start a timer, add 200mL water, aiming to wet all the coffee during pouring.
  3. Step
    Then immediately place the plunger on top of the brewer, about 1cm in. This creates a vacuum to stop the coffee from dripping through.